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Hi, I'm Malcolm Balk the running and Alexander Technique guy from Montreal. This site will tell you all about the Alexander Technique lessons you can take with me in Montreal and New York. If you are interested in running workshops in Montreal and around the world then please visit www.theartofrunning.com

Why Alexander Technique?

Relieve your back pain

Malcolm uses the Alexander Technique to identify patterns of movement that may be contributing to your pain. He will then show you, using hands-on guidance and verbal instruction, new ways of moving and of being that can help release you from that pain.

Improve your posture

You may have a suspicion that your posture is less than you feel it should be, that it is putting a strain on your body, or impeding your performance. Malcolm will show you, using video if necessary, what the real situation is. From there he will work with you to improve it.

Move with ease

How easily you move, stand, sit and bend is a great barometer of your how efficiently you are using your body. Lessons in Alexander Technique with Malcolm can teach you how to move with ease, to conserve energy, to avoid injury, and to just get more done.

Boost your self confidence

One of the keys to Alexander Technique is that the body and mind cannot be separated. Thus work on the body improves the mind and vice versa. Malcolm will work with you on balancing body and mind, offering techniques that can improve your self confidence.